Drupalcon Boston 2008 - flash http://boston2008.drupalcon.org/taxonomy/term/14/0 en World Cause Online http://boston2008.drupalcon.org/showcase/world-cause-online <p>World Cause is a non profit organization that aims to promote education locally and internationally. The organization is the brain child of two highschool seniors, and the web designer is a senior as well.</p> <p>By utilizing the Sections module, the site is arranged in two distinctive parts: Main Site and Volunteer Blog.<br /> Flash is incorporated throughout the site and most noticeably on the blog section. CCK slideshow graces the frontpage which also presents a subscription (simple news) to anonymous users and upcoming events along with images to authenticated ones. The site utilizes the gallerix module in the blog, and also incorporates the signup module to help coordinate volunteer events. In addition, the donation module coupled with the paypal framework, has been incorporated to allow easy transfer of money. Video sharing is currently underdevelopment and will be launched with the organization&#8217;s new awareness campaign: IGNITION!</p> http://boston2008.drupalcon.org/showcase/world-cause-online#comments flash Jovial Designs non-profit nonprofit pro bono sections World Cause Mon, 03 Mar 2008 06:19:11 +0000 j11t 1633 at http://boston2008.drupalcon.org iMedStudios.com http://boston2008.drupalcon.org/showcase/imedstudioscom <p>There is an old saying that cobblers children have no shoes. After two years of developing Drupal sites for various pharma companies as well as some internal sites for our own development needs, we finally decided it was time that our company website be a Drupal powered, content rich site, instead of our old, out dated HTML only site that was running on IIS.</p> <p>This site leverages all of the things we have learned over the last 2 years with respect to module configuration, development, and custom theme creation. It also is a place to showcase all our web, 3D, and other projects for our various clients. To that end we have developed a Flash based <a href='http://imed.imedhosts.com/showcase'>showcase</a> RIA that is very similar to the <a href='http://flex.org/showcase/'>FLEX.org showcase</a>. It uses Flash, Services module, and custom services to offer up all our projects based on a very robust taxonomy.</p> <p>The theme is completely custom built and starts with a generic theme that we developed in house and use as a starting point for all of our custom themed sites.</p> <p>Note that this site is currently in Beta testing and will go live soon at <a href="http://www.imedstudios.com" title="http://www.imedstudios.com">http://www.imedstudios.com</a>.</p> http://boston2008.drupalcon.org/showcase/imedstudioscom#comments 3D flash flex json services video Tue, 26 Feb 2008 19:13:09 +0000 dldege 1399 at http://boston2008.drupalcon.org LA Flash http://boston2008.drupalcon.org/showcase/la-flash <p>LA Flash is an official Adobe User Group that covers Flash for the Los Angeles area, home to over 3600 members, the group covers the best and latest in Flash, ActionScript, and Flash Video offerings from Adobe and third party companies. The site contains Forums, Blogs, Videos, Jobs, and an Event calendar.</p> <p>The interface is a mix of Flex and XHTML/CSS, and there&#8217;s a book covering the development of this site and others like it. The site is built on Drupal 5.x, and is only one of many Adobe User Group sites on the <a href="http://richmediax.com/">Rich Media X</a> platform (running Drupal).</p> <p><img alt="" src="http://richmediainstitute.com/drupalcon_showcase/laflash_site_1.png" /><img alt="" src="http://richmediainstitute.com/drupalcon_showcase/laflash_site_2.png" /><img alt="" src="http://richmediainstitute.com/drupalcon_showcase/laflash_site_3.png" /></p> http://boston2008.drupalcon.org/showcase/la-flash#comments actionscript adobe california flash flex los angeles user group Thu, 14 Feb 2008 16:06:52 +0000 ccharlton 1070 at http://boston2008.drupalcon.org The Pete Droge Online Presence http://boston2008.drupalcon.org/showcase/pete-droge-online-presence <p>This site uses an early version of the AMFPHP module for Flash to Drupal communication, and custom node types for each bit of content.</p> http://boston2008.drupalcon.org/showcase/pete-droge-online-presence#comments flash music Mon, 11 Feb 2008 00:32:07 +0000 gusaus 866 at http://boston2008.drupalcon.org