Drupalcon Boston 2008 - authors http://boston2008.drupalcon.org/taxonomy/term/181/0 en Red Room http://boston2008.drupalcon.org/showcase/red-room <p>Red Room is the online home of many of the world’s greatest writers. Through original, author-generated content, redroom.com offers a trustworthy and creative social network unlike any other. In the Red Room, you can connect with your favorite authors, access current news, and comment on features and blogs. By showcasing writers, redroom.com fosters true community between authors and readers and inspires the next generation.</p> <p>While anyone is welcome to become a regular member of the site (called a reader), Red Room only gives select writers the user status of author. Users of the author class are able to create an author page on redroom.com and access a variety of content publishing tools allowing authors to easily maintain a web presence and a dialogue with their audience.</p> <p>Many high profile authors including <a href="http://www.redroom.com/author/maya-angelou">Maya Angelou</a>, <a href="http://www.redroom.com/author/amy-tan">Amy Tan</a>, <a href="http://www.redroom.com/author/khaled-hosseini">Khaled Hosseini</a> and <a href="http://www.redroom.com/author/salman-rushdie">Salman Rushdie</a> have been on the site since day one. Red Room already has more than 400 authors participating and that number continues to grow each day.</p> http://boston2008.drupalcon.org/showcase/red-room#comments Best Case Studies authors books community writers Wed, 20 Feb 2008 17:53:06 +0000 ladylolauren 1259 at http://boston2008.drupalcon.org