Drupalcon Boston 2008 - learning http://boston2008.drupalcon.org/taxonomy/term/294/0 en Virtual Kindergarten / Virtual Pre-K http://boston2008.drupalcon.org/showcase/virtual-kindergarten-virtual-pre-k <p>The Web sites for Virtual Pre-K (<a href="http://www.virtualpre-k.org/" title="http://www.virtualpre-k.org/">http://www.virtualpre-k.org/</a>) and Virtual Kindergarten (<a href="http://www.virtualk.org/" title="http://www.virtualk.org/">http://www.virtualk.org/</a>) were originally built in 2001 and 2004 as part of an early childhood learning initiative at the Chicago Public Schools. These Web sites work in conjunction with a CD-ROM application and video lessons that are available for parents, teachers, and caregivers for use in the home, classroom and childcare centers. </p> <p>The Virtual Pre-K and Virtual K Web sites are home to bilingual information that helps parents make the most of their children’s early learning. The program addresses key learning concepts with a focus on early literacy and on math, social studies, and science skills. Each lesson pulls together low-cost activities in the classroom, at home, and in the community to reinforce the home-school connection.</p> <p>More than 400 public school classrooms and public libraries in the Chicago area use the program, as well as the Dallas Independent School District, a consortium of Southern California counties, the Washoe County (Nevada) School District, and the School District of Philadelphia. The Virtual Kindergarten site was a 2006 Webby Honoree and CODIE award winner.</p> <p>The two Web sites were recently ported into Drupal for ease of maintenance and future expansion, as well as addition of new features, including a blog.</p> http://boston2008.drupalcon.org/showcase/virtual-kindergarten-virtual-pre-k#comments children education educational kids learning palantir Sat, 01 Mar 2008 17:51:19 +0000 demet 1600 at http://boston2008.drupalcon.org