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Adrian Rossouw

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adrian - Mon, 01/21/2008 - 6:00pm
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South Africa
Senior Developer
Raincity Studios

I have been using and developing for Drupal since January 2003, which means I’ve been with the project for just over 5 years.

In that time I’ve been responsible for several contributions to Drupal, of which some of the more notable are PHPTemplate and the template engine abstraction layer, early work on the Installation system, work on Multi-Site installations.

I was also the architect of Forms API, and did most of the original design and implementation of it.

I was one of the founders of Bryght, one of the first services companies to spring up around Drupal. I have been heavily involved with the hosting of hundreds / thousands of Drupal instances for many years now, and my newest project HostMaster 2 is a continuation of that work, with a completely Drupal oriented framework.

Oh, and my user id is 1337 =)