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Alex Rollin

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AlexRollin - Mon, 01/28/2008 - 1:20pm
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United States of America
VP of Production
Raincity Studios

An obsession with flow and a love of worrying drive Alex to carve out better processes and create holistic plans for bidding, billing, and developing projects. This self-proclaimed “technologist with a focus on humanity” enjoys long phone-calls and lofty discussions about macro-metrics, nation building, and integral theory.

Now nestled in Vancouver after living the coast-to-coast lifestyle of a technology ringer, Alex still seems mildly amazed that people here are cool with his soliloquies of spiral dynamics and constant refinement of internal work procedures.

When not busy saving the world from itself, Alex is constantly poking developers to make Drupal better and spreading the open source contribution message to geeks and suits alike.