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Andrew Maffei

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drumbeat - Fri, 02/01/2008 - 10:03am
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United States of America
Senior Information Systems Specialist
Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution

I work with Oceanographers, helping them to use technology both in and out of the water. I also work with lots of engineers that build equipment that is used to study the oceans. Oceanography at the Woods Hole Oceanographic Intitution covers a wide swath of disciplines — Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Engineering, Economics, Global Climate Change, Geology, Geophysics, …

The field of oceanography has had a difficult time tying all of the data, knowlege, and myriad of software available to analyze the data generated by this set of disciplines together so that our oceans can be understood as the system it is. I think Drupal can help tie all of this “stuff” together.