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Andy Lasda

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alasda - Wed, 02/13/2008 - 4:31pm
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United States of America
Programmer/System Administrator

Andy Lasda has been professionally involved in technology for over 12 years, serving in such diverse roles as PC technician, System Administrator, Web Developer, Application developer in PHP and Perl, and carries significant experience with Business Analysis and Project Management. In his last job, he developed a multitude of web-based e-commerce and infrastructure applications for Dalbey Education Institute. Additionally, he has been a major contributor to the success of various projects with GE Access, HP, and MCI.

Andy’s interest in computers began at the tender age of 9, programming BASIC on an Apple II, and his love for technology has only grown. His thirst for knowledge and “learn-by-doing” disposition have provided him with a truly diverse range of skills and experience.

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Milner Hotel
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