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BenStallings - Thu, 01/24/2008 - 11:01am
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United States of America
Web Developer
Smartphone & Pocket PC Magazine

I first saw a graphical Web browser (NCSA Mosaic) at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory in 1993, when I was attending their “Superkids” program… my first Internet email address was on a Cray! Around the same time I got interested in local BBSes, and while at Grinnell College I got involved with the Free-Net community-networking movement, eventually landing a job at Twin Cities Free-Net in Minneapolis, MN.

By 2005 I was freelancing as a Web developer and got involved with the PmWiki project through a client, and I wound up developing several recipes (modules) for PmWiki, including two that are analogous to Drupal’s CCK and Views, though I had no knowledge of Drupal at the time. Virtually all of my freelance clients are now on PmWiki. However, I am realizing that Drupal is a better tool for some of their needs.

Currently I am on payroll at Smartphone and Pocket PC Magazine in Fairfield, Iowa, helping to move their extensive site from a hodgepodge of ASP apps to Drupal, and they are funding my Drupal education.

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