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hunmonk - Tue, 01/15/2008 - 12:47am
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Drupal Project Module

Drupal’s project module powers all of the code management tools at, including the issue tracker, release management system, and the project browsing/download pages.

The health of this module is vital to the health of the Drupal community — we all use it!

I’ll be dedicating a large portion of my time at the Boston DrupalCon to the advancement of Project Module.

Kieran Lal (amazon) was kind enough to summarize some of the community benefits of getting these two developers to the conference to work on Project Module:

Project module was used to handle 45 000 issues, and 160 000 follow-ups in 2007.

Project module will make use of the expertise from several members of the community.
1) Performance: there’s going to be at least 8 performance leaders at the conference. Project has been the source of the slowest queries on
2) Project module uses views. It helps to be able to talk to Earl and others.
3) Project module needs to take advantage of Actions, Workflow, CCK. These will come in the future, but it’s nice to be able to talk to John, Yched, and Karen.
4) Project module is the source of much of the work the Drupal community does. Being in the same room as the speakers and attendees of the design and user experience track can help out.

The conference is 4 days long. On the 5th day we will have a sprint at the MIT Strata center. We hope to have 100 people working on Drupal 7, so we expect Chad and Derek to be leading the infrastructure development efforts.

Project module usage should increase by at least 2 in the next 12 months. It’s the most important software in the whole Drupal project.

Our support is needed. Getting Chad and Derek together with many people who can help contribute is a major step forward.

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Attending the conference will help ensure the continued health of If I can get the necessary funding, I'll commit to spending a large portion of my time at the event to the improvement of this module, which will benefit the Drupal community as a whole.