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Charlotte Grant

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charlotte - Sun, 02/24/2008 - 3:25pm
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OpenConcept Consulting Inc.
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Royal Sonesta Hotel

isn’t entirely sure what to write, having accidentally erased her previous profile page

i’m charlotte. i’m really bad at pool.
i’m a drupal n00b.
i’m not n00b enough to spell it with “o”s though.
so it’s okay.

drupalcon is hardcore.
i’ve used drupal once in the past. i didn’t know that until i got here. so i’m not as new as i thought. which could be good.
i can type fast.
which means i start leaving things like capitals out… and sometimes punctuation.
i grew up on mac and linux almost exclusively, and now i own a dell with only vista on it. learning curve x 10.
windows is special.