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Code Sprint - March 7 at MIT Stata Center

Platinum and gold sponsors

The Drupal Association is hosting an all day code and documentation sprint at MIT on Friday March 7. All registered attendees are welcome. See below for details.

What’s a code sprint

A code sprint is a gathering of a bunch of programmers to complete a short, rapid development project. It allows developers from different countries and companies to work together and learn from each other. Most importantly, it’s a fun event where we can make some impressive advances for Drupal.

We’re all meeting in a big room, where we’ll code and talk smack until we get kicked out. Come chat with long-time Drupalers to learn from their experience.

What development projects will we focus on

In general, we’ll be implementing all the ideas that formed during the conference. Some juicy topics that we expect to tackle

Where and When

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The Stata Center
32 Vasser St.
Cambridge, MA 02139
Directions. Google map

10am - 1pm Room 32-155
1pm - 3pm Room 32-141
3pm - 7pm+ Room 32-155 (we’ll stay until building close)
All rooms are on the first floor. Just wander around and you’ll find them.

The Stata Center is a world renowned (and reviled) building designed by Frank Gehry. Read Wired’s article or view photos.

What is the dollar value of the sprint.

Roughly speaking, we expect 100 programmers for an average of 8 hours at an average salary of $100/hr. Thats $80,000 worth of investment in Drupal.

What about non-developers

There will also be a Documentation sprint happening where folks can sign up for the Docs team and learn how it all works while working on some specific tasks. We will have editing/cleanup work to do as well as writing and research so you don’t need to “be an expert” in order to help out. In addition to documentation work we’d be thrilled if small teams of people worked on a Drupal slogan or a marketing piece or a proposal for Drupalcon Europe 2008. There are no rules at code sprint.

Where are the sessions?

There are no friggin sessions at code sprint.


If you have questions or proposals concerning the sprint, please contact Moshe Weitzman.

I’ll need some food

The Drupal Association will kindly provide lunch for all attendees. Dinner and midnight snack are not included.