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Community and core track description

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Major goals of this track:

  • Help the community make 10 critical improvement for Drupal 7
  • Identify problems, and help the community continue it’s growth

The Core and Community track is geared towards teams and individuals who want to improve their understanding of Drupal’s key developer APIs, build new solutions using Drupal’s module system, and help create the next generation of the Drupal core software. Topics covered will include Drupal as a web application platform, the future of Drupal 7, getting involved with the broader community of Drupal developers, and more. Several sessions will also include planning and brainstorming opportunities for developers who want to help shape the future direction of key APIs and tools. Attendees to this track should also plan to attend the Drupal sprint on Friday, March 7th, 2008 to spend an entire day contributing to the Drupal project.

Recommended track session topics:

The community and core track co-chairs are requesting that members of the Drupal community propose presenting the following or similar sessions. Presenters who offer to present these sessions, or similar, are likely to have their session selected for the conference. Presenters who agree to collaborate with other members of the community to present these topics collaboratively or as part of a panel are even more likely to be selected to present.


Community Resources

  • Infrastructure
  • Available tools
  • Drupal Dojo
  • + Filling a void for teaching/instruction

  • Google Highly Open Project - Drupal’s High School contributors
  • as a tool and resource
  • What are the benefits and what aspects does the community posses
  • Drupal’s users/people
  • Getting help from the community
  • Entry Point
  • Who We Are

Community Functions

  • Support
  • Code Review

Developing in a “Distributed Community”

  • Tips and tricks from the trenches
  • Role of the contributor
  • Getting involved in core
  • Open Source


Drupal as a web application framework


  • Core APIs and Features Explained
  • Schema
  • Views
  • CCK
  • Forms
  • Localization
  • Menu
  • Working with specific non-drupal technologies


  • PHP Data Objects (PDO)

Development Principles

Design Debt/Design Eye


  • Gabor Hojtsy is an engineer at Acquia and the maintainer of the upcoming Drupal 6 release. He is a 27 year old Computer Science MSc graduate from Hungary, who loves to spend time with his fiancée, is passionate about Drupal, web development, music and amateur acting.
  • Jeff Eaton is a long-time web developer. He’s been designing, administering, and implementing web projects since he pieced together his first HTML file in 1996. He’s the author of the popular Voting API project, and an active contributor to the Drupal core project.
  • Kenn, aka VeryMisunderstood, has 232 pages listing his contributions to the Drupal community. He helps people, a lot. With this insight into the Drupal community we are confident that the “community” aspect of this track will be well represented. Thanks for helping, again!
  • Joel Farris, aka Senpai, works for Achieve Internet. He is a leading contributor to the innovative community training events, the Drupal dojo. Joel bio says “I like horses. I love good great wine. I enjoy immense mountains, crackers ‘n cheese, and the occasional Harley ride beside the ocean. Oh, and I love, assigning blame, for bad, user interface design”
  • Mathew Pare, aka mpare, is part of a small virtual team with members in Austin and Lubbock, Texas. He specializes in custom module development, theming, education, and consulting. He is a leading contributor to the innovative community training events, the Drupal dojo.