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David Franklin

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DPFranklin - Sun, 02/24/2008 - 11:29am
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United States of America
Managing Director - New Investments
NovusTrust, LLC - Start-up & Small Business Investing
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NovusTrust offices are in the Boston Metro area

NovusTrust, LLC invests in businesses and individuals with unique and/or high potential ideas in a wide variety of industries. We will be attending DrupalCon with the goal of finding new investment projects and opportunities. We have a keen interest in community-oriented projects, web design and development start-ups, new models for e-commerce, and several other areas. We also have a few projects we have already invested in that you might be interested in. Have an idea that your are trying to get off the ground? Need a small group of dedicated investors to assist in getting the project moving? Not ready for VC now (or ever)? We are an innovative and flexible investment company that is less hung up on investing convention and more interested in making thing happen. Lets make DrupalCon Boston an opportunity to meet. Contact us at to discuss putting together a casual meeting at DrupalCon. Visit to learn more about NovusTrust.