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Design and user experience track descriptions

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Major goals of this track:

  • Attract more designers to Drupal
  • Improve Drupal’s visual design

Recommended track session topics:

The design and user experience track co-chairs are requesting that members of the Drupal community propose presenting the following sessions. Presenters who offer to present these sessions are likely to have their session selected for the conference. Presenters who agree to collaborate with other members of the community to present these topics collaboratively or as part of a panel are even more likely to be selected to present.

Graphic design: “Drupal for Designers”

These sessions covers topics that relate more towards creating the visual design of a Drupal site.

  • Designing for Drupal (Structure of a Drupal site, visualizing your design in Drupal…)
  • Introduction to Drupal for designers (including the most important contrib modules)
  • Drupal-friendly CSS tricks (form elements, menus, etc)
  • Making a Drupal site not look like one – new ways of theming common UI elements

Theming: “Theming the Drop”

These proposed sessions cover topics about implementing themes.

  • Theming for Drupal after starting with Wordpress, Joomla, or static HTML
  • Theming Panels
  • Theming Views
  • Converting mock-ups to Drupal themes (preferably with case studies)
  • Creating themes for Drupal 6 (maybe focus on changes from D5?)
  • How to make your module a themer’s dream
  • Security for themers (XSS, XSRF, input sanitation, …)
  • Using Color.module to create recolorable themes

Usability/Interaction design: “User friendly Drupal”

  • Usability bling in Drupal 6
  • User Experience Testing (Report from Minnesota user experience Lab)
  • Interaction design with JavaScript in Drupal 6
  • Building intuitive forms (layout, multistep, custom widgets, …)
  • Brainstorming: An interface for media handling
  • Learning jQuery

Site Planning and Information Architecture: “Building Drupal to Specification”

  • A WYSIWYG in Drupal 7: How do we get there?
  • Rethinking blocks – Merge with Panels?
  • Obstacles on localized and internationalized sites
  • Improving the Drupal user experience with the best contributed modules
  • Site statistics, how to obtain and what we can learn from them
  • Identifying and overcoming Drupalisms (odd workflows, …)


  • Stephanie Pakrul is a Drupal Themer with CivicActions. She most recently completed the theming for Amnesty International and WITNESS’ The Hub websites. Coming from both a creative and technical background, she strives to bridge the gap between graphic designers and programmers, while achieving business goals and creating maintainable sites. She has been an avid user and supporter of Drupal for over two years, after falling in love with its flexibility for creating complex functionality with highly custom designs.
  • Young Hahn, an artist at development seed, uses his talent as an artist to create refreshing, unique designs that speak to the heart of our projects and the causes they advance. This, combined with his programming skills and experience coding in open source software, allow Young to create online tools that are not only beautiful but are truly innovative. He recently worked on an update on the l10n_client to streamline the translating process and simply make translating content easier for International council on archives.
  • Konstantin Kaefer is a user interface engineer for NowPublic. He is an expert in javascript. You can learn more about his previous presentations at