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Doug_Vann - Thu, 02/14/2008 - 2:45pm
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United States of America
Senior Web Implementations Developer
Water Gear llc

From the Commodore64 to the modern 2unit rack servers; I’ve seen the term “OnLine” go from a 300baud dial up connection to multi-fiber data centers. It’s been a wild ride but it got a lot smoother when I found OpenSource. With a slight Joomla background I have been feverishly trucking through the learning curve of Drupal having only been introduced to it 3 months ago! The lullabots at have been a tremendous source of information for me. I look forward to furthering my knowledge in Boston.
My current project is helping a retired Indy-Race-Driver build a social networking site aimed at Water Enthusiasts. [think boaters, fishers, skiers, wake-boarders, anything fun happening on or near the water. etc.]
After 2+ years of trying an ASP approach I came on board and swung the whole thing onto a LAMP. To satisfy the short time we have to deploy the new site, we have outsourced the Drupal development of the new site.
All the Drupal education I am gathering is intended to minimize our need for outsource developers. The boss owns 800+ domains so it looks like I have a gig for life.