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Drupalcon video archiving (and streaming?)

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Drupalcon video archiving (and streaming?)

Last year I videotaped and uploaded many of the Barcelona Drupalcon sessions, and once again I’m planning to help with video archiving at Drupalcon Boston.

Volunteers and equipment are needed! Videographers, video cameras and other equipment are needed if we’re going to cover all simultaneous sessions. Laptops are needed if we want to do live video streaming. Audio recording can also be useful if we don’t have enough video cameras. Comment here if you can help and the Drupalcon team will follow up with you.

Donate :) I setup a ChipIn to cover the cost of video tapes etc. Depending on the community’s generosity it could also help cover my travel costs to attend Drupalcon.

Update: Please signup for the audio/video meetup and rehearsal at 4 p.m. on Sunday!