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DrupalConBuzz - Please Buzz here

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DrupalConBuzz - Please Buzz here

Only 7 hours till Drupalcon begins — Yippee, I should be in bed, but…

My brain is rattling with a desire to get as many different perspectives, insights, buzz, excitement, complaints (constructively presented), whatever, on the Drupalcon story. I’m hoping people will use this web site for that purpose. Given that the conference is sold out with 800 attendees, seems like this forum has been kind of light. (Subscriptions module might help a little bit driving some traffic here.)

Please share your buzz here, what are your impressions etc. If you’ve written about Drupalcon on your blog, link to it here.

Might you be podcasting on Drupalcon, sending reports out to the masses. Post the feed here!

Who have you met? Tell us about the reunions. Let’s make this a real community site.

It seems like keeping the conversation going on the topics of particular sessions should happen in the sessions part of this site, since each session has comments enabled. (Unfortunately, the sessions content-type doesn’t have file uploads enabled where folks might wrangle presenter notes, keynote files etc from a presenter and post on the session page.)

Let your inner journalist emerge. Let’s tell the exciting story of Drupal and the community that goes with it!