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Ed Lyons

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edfactor - Tue, 01/22/2008 - 11:45pm
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United States of America
Chief Engineer
Keane, Inc.

Um… I am kind of a collaboration/content management expert at my company. I’ve done a lot with Alfresco, Plone, and Drupal. (also, with larger, more enterprisey things as well) I’m a technical guy - mostly a c++/java/javascript/ruby guy. I’m kind of clumsy with PHP. I’ve used drupal on a client project or two and I’m always interested in what little projects like Drupal are up to. I’ll probably be hanging out over at AIIM as well.

I’m nobody in the Drupal community, despite having met some of the key people here and there. However, my wife is a somebody in the Drupal world, and she will probably be doing a talk on theming.