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Greg Beuthin

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Greg is currently working as U.S. lead for Mapovino, a new vineyard-mapping and wine-enthusiast community web project by French-American company AF83. In this role he is also the U.S. contact for web-development inquiries for AF83, as well as one of the anchor tenants of the PariSoMa coworking office in San Francisco.

AF83 - named after the Air France flight that connects Paris and San Francisco - is French-American company that specializes in open-source web design and social networking platforms. AF83’s experience ranges from custom-built platforms using PHP and Ruby-on-Rails to adoption and implementation of existing open-source CMS’ such as Typo3 and Drupal.

While not a coder, Greg also has several years’ experience managing, implementing and administering Drupal websites, and is a member of the Drupal community. He maintains a blog about technology - and food - at: