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Jason Millard

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jsm174 - Sat, 02/02/2008 - 9:02am
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United States of America
Software Developer (Web, Win32, J2ME, iPhone)
Millard Software

I have been programming for my most of my life. I enjoy it so much that I even program on my free time. That is probably not a good thing but…

Seriously though, I have been in the industry professionally since 1997. I have written applications for a variety of platforms in several different languages.

Currently, I work for Keynetx, Inc. out of Quakertown, PA. I am subcontracted to the USPS writing J2EE web apps.

I became interested in Drupal after listening to a podcast from Leo Laporte. He had discussed how he hired Lullabot to design using Drupal. After that I became consumed with Drupal. I started listening to the Lullabot podcasts, asking questions on #drupal-support, and trying to find anyway I could, to use Drupal.

My most recent and current Drupal project is The site’s primary goal is to keep alive interest in Brockway Trucks.

In addition to Drupal, I still enjoy developing win32 apps. I have released a few free utilities, PuTTYCS and uSirius. PuTTYCS is a utility that sends commands to multiple PuTTY windows. uSirius is a utility that combined with TVersity or ORB allows listening to Sirius Satellite Radio on a variety of devices (iPhone, XBox 360, etc).

This will be my first Drupalcon and I look forward to attending!

— Jason

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Constitution Inn
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