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Jough Dempsey

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jough - Mon, 02/04/2008 - 4:47pm
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United States of America
Senior Developer
Duo Consulting
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Holiday Inn, Beacon Hill

Jough (pronounced like “Joe”) has been designing and programming for the web since 1996. He has developed internet-based solutions and dynamic, database-driven web applications for corporations, artists, health-care industry non-profits, law firms, and small businesses, as well as working on his own side projects such as Poetry X.

Jough specializes in open-source application development in PHP, Ruby, Python, Java, JavaScript, or whatever nascent technology may be the best fit for a particular project, but his favorite programming language is Commodore BASIC, in which he wrote his first program when he was nine years old. He believes the Internet is humanity’s greatest invention save air conditioning. Jough hails from Philadelphia and feels his East Coasterness all the more in his new home, Chicago.

Outside of work Jough is a modestly-rated tournament chess player, freelance writer, traveler, raconteur, and ardent proponent of the Oxford comma. He is perennially working on his first book of poetry.