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The Journalist Inside Has a Place at DrupalCon

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The Journalist Inside Has a Place at DrupalCon

As someone who has “watched” previous DrupalCons via pixel and not ponim (Yiddish word for face), I can report two things:

  1. I’m thrilled to be attending DrupalCon Boston 2008 in person.
  2. The reporting has been a little on the spotty side

Now don’t get defensive — there has been some great writing and video. But there is always room for improvement, yes? (that’s why we’re already talking about D7 - may the evolution continue).

So maybe we can improve the reporting with a little forethought and planning. It might also be fun to gather a group of reporter types for short morning meetings where we share the buzz and plan on covering a good portion of the sessions.

I remember when I was 7 I wrote the “Killion Street News” on a Corona typewriter. I can’t remember how we duplicated it… It was 1965.

In any case, I think I’ve got the journalistic itch again and was wondering if there were other folks who wanted to spend just a little time planning about how we might share all the Drupal love that will be blossoming in Boston.

And indeed, maybe there are already folk from the Association or the Newsletter team that are thinking about this. If you need a volunteer, I’m onboard with my MacBook and Canon 2S IS.

And if others haven’t really thought about it yet… here is the thread to start!