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kasperjames - Wed, 01/16/2008 - 5:21am
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United States of America
webmaster, artist, small buisness owner
various for more details.

I am currently building and will be posting a node/page for donations for financial assistance for attending DRUPALCON 2008 MARCH 1ST-3RD.

i will be relying on others for room and board.
i have found good deals on and if the Sk site isnt established prior to THIS days current viewing, and you feel it in your heart to help assist with my efforts, donations can be made to: periods included to mask bots/spider/fishing software.

Financial assistance needed?
Financial assistance needed: 
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because im poor. i really love the drupal cms, and would like to meet others who can help me in my advancement as an individual seeking to gain self employment. i currently have two sites. in which i do custom (leather, ect) jackets ( and more). i have two kids, and a very very low paying job. i can bearly afford to fly on skybus (.com), in which i have notified on of their very very low rates for those interested in saving money and buying tickets in advance. i have been trying to get my site's together in an effort to accomidate those who wish to utilize my services, information, and entertainment and dont yet have it up...which, as of this moment, is a bit embarrasing becuase i dont have a way to project myself. which is the main goal of attending this. i have been posting on various community based websites asking for assistance and information reguarding travel and services to get me to and from this and have just found out the cost of attending. however, i do not believe that on my wages and at this current time that i will be able to raise such funds, unless during the period of feb 1st through the 30th, i am able to raise the money off of at this current time i am going to post a donations module in a node block featuring my desire and efforts to attend, however, i am also keeping in mind my desire to maintain and provide a professional and visually stimulating layout and design for my websites, which is currently the main goal. outside of working full time, creating jackets (all by hand/painting!), raising my kids, and taking care of everyday life. ive just been finding it hard to come to terms with the idea that i can actually come up with this money in that short of a time frame, especially when i have bills and can bearly afford the hotel and airfair. other ideas and information would be appreciated. thanks for the consideration, kasperjames