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kdmarks - Mon, 01/14/2008 - 8:01pm
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Web Designer/Developer

I’ve been a web designer for over 10 years—the last 2 with Arizona State University. I had built a few sites with Drupal (v4.6) before joining ASU and loved it, so when the university decided to rebuild its massive web presence, I mentioned Drupal…with annoying frequency, I’ve been told.

Being a pain in the butt sometimes pays off. It also helped that Drupal was so obviously right for us and that a few other developers also recognized Drupal’s potential. Today we have over 400 Drupal sites and many more in the works. We started an ASU Drupal Users Group, led by the brilliant Jeff Beeman, that is packed to the rafters every month. We’re developing training workshops at the university for end users, administrators and developers. And, every day a lucky group of us does nothing but work on Drupal sites all day long. What could be better?!

Much of the core of the ASU web site is still not in Drupal. But like Scarlett, I’m not giving up yet. Tomorrow is another day.

(Oh, yeah. Sorry. Bio on blog.)