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LifeWire, a service from The New York Times Company.

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LifeWire is an online content provider launched by The New York Times Company to create and distribute lifestyle articles to top Web publishers. Our initial clients have included and, for whom we’ve created original news features, blog posts and service-oriented articles.

LifeWire content is written and edited by a team of experienced freelance journalists who have a diverse background in the print and online publishing industries. We cover a range of lifestyle topics including health, the environment, personal finance, relationships, food, home and garden, career, consumer electronics, sports and recreation, automobiles and travel.


With advertising dollars continuing to move to the Web from print, television and radio, many online publishers don’t have enough new content to meet audience and advertiser demand. LifeWire can help publishers by creating such content quickly and cost effectively and then channeling it to areas of a site where advertiser demand and user appetite outstrip content supply.

Unlike wire services or print-based publishers who redistribute their product online, LifeWire creates articles on topics that our partners choose, as if we were an extension of their editorial team. We also accommodate the partner’s production schedule and work with their technology group to deliver articles in a format that fits each site. LifeWire’s goal is to deliver high-quality, credible editorial content that helps our partners lower their production costs and increase advertising revenue in areas of their site that monetize best.


The Weather Channel: LifeWire provides eco-friendly lifestyle content to’s climate change site Forecast Earth. We publish blog posts as well as articles. Examples include: LifeWire has produced hundreds of service-oriented articles for on topics ranging from gardening to treating diabetes. Examples include:


LifeWire offers several fee arrangements for our clients including licensing the content, paying a per-article fee to own the content or developing a content partnership to share advertising revenue on Web pages where the material appears.


We want to find out more about your editorial needs, production process and other information that will help us get a better sense of your content and business goals. We’d also appreciate the opportunity to present a content plan that will include article ideas, pricing and other relevant information.

You can get in touch with us via our Contact form.