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Lior Kesos

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liorkesos - Mon, 01/14/2008 - 1:49pm
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Business Development , Geek Herd
Organization:, Linnovate

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I am a founder and the CEO of Linnovate, a company that is devoted to help it’s customers bridge the digital divide and help, guide, educate and build great web sites and products.
We are a drupal shop from Israel and we’ve just found which will be used to serve our global clients.
We’re interested in sub-contracting for big drupal shops that can appreciate people that speak their own language (formapi, phptemplate)
We’re opened for joint project work making the most of the hour differences in Israel for sequential work.
We’re slowly but surely building the drupal eco-system in Israel where we teach drupal and are raising a whole new generation of drupal ninjas (which are i18n enabled and rtl oriented).