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Luther Barber

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lbarber - Mon, 02/25/2008 - 7:51am
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United States of America
Jack of all trades

I’m retired from scientific instrumentation software management and development (assembler, C, C++; Unix variants, Windows 32 bit).

My wife has for many years taught a class of multihandicapped students in Boston, and has had to prepare portfolios documenting her students’ work as related to the state learning standards for their grade (MCAS Alternative portfolios). I developed a web site ( that tries to capture our experience in preparing such portfolios. Last summer/fall, I rewrote the site to use Drupal.

Getting the content up has been a handful, so I’ve stuck to Drupal core and contributed modules, with only one or two minor theme tweaks. Blogging (for me), and forum and comment (for community feedback and involvement) capabilities that were easy to set up were important in my choice of Drupal.

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