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Man I've Completely Screwed Up!

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Man I've Completely Screwed Up!

My girlfriend and I attended the 5 day Drupal theming class put on by Lullabot in Los Angeles the first part of this month and we decided we should definitely go to DrupalCon in Boston. We found a good price for airfare between Las Vegas where we live and Boston. Booked our flights. Booked our hotel. And I’ve been busy with work so I’d planned on getting back around to paying for the conference fees… I’d read on the site how there were like 600 people in Barcelona and they had a bigger place in Boston to hold more people so I never had any idea that there was a chance it might sell out or I would have paid a couple of weeks back…

If there is anyone on here who has the ability to squeeze Liz and me into DrupalCon.. please.. help me out. . I’ve so totally screwed us up on this one. My girlfriend is gonna kill me.

-=- christopher