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Matt Butcher

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mbutcher - Fri, 01/25/2008 - 7:17pm
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United States of America
Principal Consultant
Aleph-Null, Inc.

Matt Butcher is a principal consultant at Aleph-Null, Inc ( Along with programming in several different languages, he does systems integration work on Linux and UNIX platforms. He has been developing web applications for well over a decade.

Matt has published three technical books, and is in the final stages of writing “Drupal 6 Module Development”, which will be published by Packt Publishing ( in Spring, 2008.

Matt has an M.A. in Philosophy, and is finishing his Ph.D. In 2007, he organized the North American Computers and Philosophy conference at Loyola University, where philosophers from around the globe came to discuss the implications of the Free and Open Source Software movement.