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Mosso is Hiring Developers

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kpuccio - Thu, 02/14/2008 - 11:13am
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Mosso, an early-stage startup backed by Rackspace, is passionately building
The Hosting Cloud, a revolutionary product with an extremely ambitious goal:
to overturn the way just about everything is done in the hosting industry.
We are looking for developers who are passionate about building one of the
most advanced and reliable infrastructure platforms on the internet. You
will get rare access to new and powerful technologies in servers,
virtualization, and enterprise clustering. We are on early adopter programs
with almost every vendor we work with. You’ll spend 100% of your time
emerged in and obsessed with advanced hosting technology. Keeping The
Hosting Cloud on the cutting edge requires killer technology, so we rely
heavily on Java, XML, Web Services, and open source projects including
Eclipse, GWT, ServiceMix, and Spring. If you have the drive and passion to
help us revolutionize the hosting industry, apply at for Job Category: Mosso.