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Pierre-Etienne Paradis

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CT member - Communications & Marketing

Higher Studies

I recently completed a Masters degree in Political Science, with specialization in International Law, University of Québec in Montreal (UQAM). My masters curriculum—without thesis—allowed me to pursue various research interests such as Internet governance and the development of an information commons, federal systems of the World, the international drug control regime and its effects on human rights.

Language Skills

  • Perfect mastering of French.
  • Fluent in English, Spanish and Portuguese (spoken and written).
  • Reading knowledge of Italian, basic German.

Drupal, NGOs and International Development

My Drupal experience started in 2002 with an International cooperation internship in Kinshasa (Democratic Republic of the Congo). As a member of the Montreal-based NGO, I developed a Web portal for the local civil society, set up a computer lab, trained the future administrators of the Portal and did promotional presentations. |

In 2005-2006 I worked as a Research Assistant to Professors Bruce Broomhall and Bernard Duhaime at the Centre for the Study of International Law and Globalisation (CEDIM). I worked on the International Justice Needs Assessment report (commissioned by the JEHT Foundation) and built a Drupal website to collect all our data and publish the final report. |

Koumbit, where technology meets the needs of NGOs, political organizations and community groups.

Koumbit Logo

For most of the last year I have been deeply involved in the Koumbit collective (a Montreal-based nonprofit organization), where I am in charge of the Communications and marketing Committee, as well as the building of Drupal websites and the training of clients. |

Other mandates :

  • Installation & configuration of other FLOSS CMS (WordPress, SPIP) and tech support.
  • Planning and teaching a 54-hour course on Web design.
  • General writing and proofreading (contracts, e-bulletins, annual report).