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Robin Olson

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Robin_Olson - Tue, 01/15/2008 - 12:05pm
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United States of America
Owner/Creative Director
Ultra Maroon Design

Been in the Design biz for longer than I may care to brag about. Work in both print and web. Remember when we did design without…gasp!…computers, okay, but I don’t remember getting electricity. I think we had that already when I was born.

I’m the co-author of two books on Adobe Illustrator.

Samples of my work on my new website (still in progress)

and more here

I may not know squat about Drupal, but I’m having headaches/fun figuring out how to hack it to make it more designery. I’ve got my first project well under way, supporting the book I’m looking to publish:

If you want to know what life is like with 8 cats, stop by and visit. At least you’ll realize your’s doesn’t suck, once you read some of the stories. I mean, really, does living with cats have to include running a web cam with motion sensor software, so you can figure out who’s peeing on the sofa?

Please, let me find a way to have easy-to-use, nice lookin’, image galleries!!!

See you at the show! I’ll be the one with the walker and the cat hair covered black pants.