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Sean Effel

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seaneffel - Wed, 02/20/2008 - 12:48pm
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United States of America
Cambridge Community Television, Drupaltherapy
Lodging Facility while in Boston : 
I live in Boston.

I have been the Associate Director at Cambridge Community Television through a transformative period of moving video content from our three public access television channels onto the internet as a new platform for distribution. We rely heavily on Drupal and its community to help our organization meet its goals. Read more at

Through CCTV we have given birth to a series of entry level Drupal trainings, developed with the help of Moshe Weitzman and others, to serve new users and admins of budding Drupal projects as they tackle the first hurdles that newbies tend to face.

This training curriculum was taken on the road in 2007 as a private training effort, affectionately named Drupaltherapy, and has helped move 100+ students down the road to better understanding and best practice Drupal useage. Read more at