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Bootstrapping data visualizations in Drupal

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yh - Mon, 02/11/2008 - 3:58pm
Young Hahn
Jeff Miccolis
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Session Description: 

This session will be all about going from data in Drupal — however you’ve got it, CCK, taxonomy, nodes, pseudo-nodes — to useful visualizations. We’ll share some bootstrapping approaches we’ve taken to producing interactive graphs, maps, and charts and share stories of how to write SVG transformations in PHP, map DOM elements using CSS to a mercator map projection, make JQuery serve slices of data on a platter, and other wild exploits. We’d love to hear your approaches, both simple and unorthodox.


- Graphs. Canvas? SVG? Flash? A hybrid approach?
- Maps. Yes we’ve all used Google Maps. Time to move on — let’s do it ourselves…
- What are good visualizations? When does a visualization make sense, mean more?

The aim of this session will be to start some discussions on some limited and specific approaches to visualizations in Drupal. No omnibus modules here — just quick, (maybe dirty) ones that do their job well.

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