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Creating a wiki with Drupal

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cwgordon7 - Sat, 01/19/2008 - 12:01am
Charlie Gordon (aka cwgordon7)
site building
Session Description: 

This session will give an overview of Drupal’s potential for building wiki-like sites. Because this presentation is about wiki’s, we will be demonstrating and expressing the power of the community by having, instead of a traditional lecture, more of a guided discussion. A presentation will be prepared in lack of anything interesting being said.

This is part of the site building track.

* Wikitools vs. Liquid: which is better, and why?
* What is the best way to create a wiki-style input filter?
* What cool wiki modules are there that I could be using?
* What is the future of wikis in Drupal?

Since this is a discussion-oriented session, this is not a set-in-stone agenda— on the contrary, if anyone has any questions or ideas, the environment will be such that these ideas get heard and that these questions get asked and answered.

This session should provide everyone who attends with a much clearer picture both of how to create a wiki using Drupal and what needs to be done to make Drupal more effective for wiki-style sites.

No resources are required for attending this session. That said, you may find it interesting and/or useful to look at this article on Drupal wikis before coming to this session. However, it is also perfectly fine to come completely unprepared, as no preparation is really necessary.

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