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liorkesos - Sun, 01/20/2008 - 12:09pm
Lior Kesos
marketing and business
Session Description: 

A introduction to how used drupal to power it’s map oriented canine social network.
A glimpse on how google maps and services based flash integration deliver the wow (and bow wow) effect for the client.

Marketing and Business - Case Studies


  • Overview - project goals and description
  • Phase #1
    • (fago style) social network
    • gmap integration
    • basic google based geocoding
    • jquery based breedbrowser
  • Phase #2
    • Services based flash integration - exposing drupal to flash.
    • maxmind commercial geocoding from zipcode 2 map
    • Static import using purchased db’s.
    • Dynamic import using RSS & Leach

  • Conclusion and community praise (hail mighty bdragon!)

For people that have not entered the Flash/Flex/Services party or would like to see YADPM (Yet Another Drupal Powered Mashup) - the presentation will give an idea of what can be achieved using slick flash UI and the mighty drupal as a backend that powers the site and glues the various technologies together.
The presentation will also introduce google maps integration and how to use geocoding to derive additional information.

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