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Drupal for Facebook

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Dave Cohen - Sun, 02/03/2008 - 10:13am
Dave Cohen
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Session Description: 

Drupal for Facebook is a set of modules and theme designed to integrate Drupal sites with and build applications for the Facebook platform. These modules harness the power of Drupal as a tool for developing Facebook applications, and allow existing content to be published on facebook canvas pages.

I believe this presentation belongs in the site building track.

In the first portion of this lecture, I will briefly discuss the facebook platform, and show a live demo of facebook canvas pages produced by Drupal. If you’re not sure what facebook is or what the Drupal for Facebook modules aim to accomplish, this portion is for you.

Next, I’ll walk through the configuration pages of a Drupal for Facebook application. I’ll show how modules, permissions, blocks, actions and other components are set up, in order to display content on Facebook profile and canvas pages. I’ll show that using tools familiar to Drupal developers, content can be published to blocks on a facebook profile page, and user accounts can be synchronized between Drupal and Facebook.

The goal of this session is to explain Drupal for Facebook to those who are new to it. If you’re questioning whether to expose content on Facebook, or if you’re sure you want to but unsure how to, this session is for you.

Drupal for Facebook has two goals. For those concerned only with Facebook Applications, the goal is to make the best available platform for developing sophisticated applications. And for those with existing content on Drupal, or those who want application to work both within and without Facebook, the goal is to expose all the features of Drupal via Facebook.


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