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Drupal Search Engine Optimization

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sprydev - Fri, 01/18/2008 - 12:43am
Ben Finklea
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Session Description: 

A practical, panel of experts discussion of Drupal Search Engine Optimization. We’ll start off by talking about what makes Drupal so darn good at SEO, move on through SEO-related changes in Drupal 6 (and 7) and finish up by taking questions from the audience.

Marketing and Business track. It might be site building but it is clearly marketing.

* Search Engine Optimization - What is it, why it’s important to the Drupal community.
* How to SEO a Drupal site - 10 quick steps/modules you can add to your Drupal site for lightning fast SEO.
* SEO-related changes in Drupal 6
* Q&A with the panel of experts

Attendees should leave this session with a good idea of why Drupal is great at SEO and how to implement SEO on their own sites. They will also get a good understanding of how SEO can dramatically increase the Return on Investment of any web project.

There are no required resources to attend.

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