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Enterprise Collaboration Powered by Drupal: A Case Study

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maureen - Mon, 02/11/2008 - 8:05pm
Maureen Lyons
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Session Description: 

Drupal is well known for community websites. But can it be used for organizational collaboration - typically done with a tool like Microsoft Sharepoint? This session will show how Drupal was used to create an internal collaboration tool for the members of the Harvard Stem Cell Institute. It will include a demo of “iStem” and a discussion about lessons learned.


* Community Sites vs. ‘Collaboration’
* Why blogs, wikis, threads, and avatars are not enough
* The Approach: supporting your users’ daily tasks
* Custom organic groups information architecture
* Theming advice
* Methodology: release early and often
* Lessons learned: using Drupal’s strengths, avoiding weaknesses

If your organization needs to start collaborating (and who doesn’t?) and you’re worried that some huge suite is not going to work out, don’t worry! By aiming for the right features, installing the proper modules, and knowing some theming tricks, you can have an inexpensive collaboration solution that you can control, customize, and improve.

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