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Hosting Your Drupal: Experiences from the field

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Ian Ward - Mon, 02/11/2008 - 1:59pm
Ian Ward
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Session Description: 

A group discussion on what people use for Drupal hosting, problems they’ve run into and how they solve them (or haven’t), providers to host with, what providers could better offer.

Birds of a feather

* Share your experiences hosting your Drupal and the Drupal hosting bottom-line (like must-haves)
* What’s worked well for people
* What has not worked well
* What are people missing
* What can be done or provided to make hosting Drupal better and easier?

Learn about good hosts and approaches to hosting, what needs are not currently well-met for people hosting Drupal and discuss ideas for meeting these needs, and finally learn of recent trends in Drupal hosting. If you come to this session wondering how to improve your Drupal hosting practices, you should walk away w/ a better idea of where you can go, and if you’re providing Drupal hosting resources, you can learn more about people’s demands.

To make this work well we need people with experience hosting Drupal as a provider, company, hobby, etc., as well as people who are looking for a host and have worries or concerns can learn and ask questions in this discussion.

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