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Indymedia and Drupal

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robbt - Mon, 02/25/2008 - 6:44am
birds of a feather
Session Description: 

Indymedia is a network of independent journalism sites throughout the world. Many new Indymedia’s have been flocking to Drupal as a easy to set-up and customizable CMS, but there is a lot of collaboration that could happen on the development site to make this easier. Basically this BoF session will be a place for indymedia contributors and those who are interested in helping the project to share tips and tricks

This is a bird of a feather because we don’t have anything specific planned out and just want to meet up.

* Drupal Hosting for Indymedias: Who has hosting to share, what are the best options.
* A Drupal Install Recipe for Indymedia: We’ve talked about it, let’s talk more in person.
* Drupal scalability and automagical decentralization of content, this is just a concern for Indymedia’s in general to attempt to avoid censorship and the shut down of a server.
* Finally writing a proposal for IMC-CMS: what does Drupal have on the Cake-PHP IMC Distro being developed.
* Whatever else people want to bring up.

To bring together more of a community of the Drupal developers who are also indymedia contributors and to build more collaborative effort into the process. Discuss a plan for IMC’s to contribute more back and participate with Drupal core development.

If you are interested in finding out more about how Drupal and Indymedia development has happened you can check out the IMC Docs Wiki which has some information.
You can also check out to find more about Indymedia in general, or the Drupal group.

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