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Introduction to AJAX, jQuery, and Javascript in Drupal 6

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mbutcher - Mon, 01/28/2008 - 3:57pm
Matt Butcher
community and core
Session Description: 

This session provides a basic introduction to jQuery, AJAX, and Javascript in Drupal 6. In this session, we will look at passing AJAX/JSON data between the client and server. We will create a “random quotes” module to exemplify this. Our module will employ the menuing system to provide a JSON/AJAX gateway to data. jQuery, and Drupal Javascript (and a touch of theming) will provide the client side functionality.

We will be focusing on core APIs (though I know there are some great modules out there that assist in AJAX development).

Community and Core

* Starting with a simple block and some content
* Create an AJAX/JSON service with hook_menu() and callbacks
* Checking for Javascript support (and degrading gracefully)
* Retrieving AJAX/JSON content using jQuery
* Displaying content using jQuery

The purpose of this session is to introduce module developers (and code-savvy themers) to Drupal 6’s Javasript support. By the end, users should be familiar with jQuery, the basics of Drupal’s Javascript API, and the process of creating AJAX/JSON services in Drupal modules.

Attendees will benefit most if they know at least basic PHP an basic Javascript. Since we will rush through the basics of module development, attendees should also have at least passing familiarity with module development and the hook system.

(I’d be happy to incorporate this into a panel if others are interested)

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