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DruTube: The current and not so distant future of video on Drupal

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arthur - Sun, 01/27/2008 - 10:44am
Arthur Foelsche
birds of a feather
Session Description: 

This was called: Media Mover: YouTube, Drupal, and a case study on, but was changed to better reflect the content. It was also moved into the BOF track per the organizers’ request.

What’s possible with Drupal is staggering. Constructing your own video site with Views based playlists, recommended content, and control of deployed embedded players is now a matter of installing a module or two. This presentation will look at as a case study in complex media management on Drupal. The presentation will use the Hub site as a lens to examine Media Mover, XSPF Playlist, and FLV Media Player. This talk aims to both present significant new work on video handling inside of Drupal, as well as discuss the extensibility of current modules, and hopefully generate conversations which will help steer the development of complex media handling on Drupal.

Birds of a Feather

* Brief overview of the presentation
* Quick description of the Hub site
* Laying out the module landscape (Media Mover, XSPF Playlist, FLV Media Player)
* Functionality of each module
* The extensibility question
* What needs aren’t being met currently?
* Who’s doing what in the Drupal community on media issues? How can we avoid forcing single solutions, while not duplicating effort for different styles of solutions?

The aim of the presentation is to provide participants with a better understanding of what is possible with the current state of media modules for Drupal and to help direct the growth of new Drupal media projects which better leverage existing and future code.

Bring your stories about your own experiences with media in Drupal and what you’d like to see happen.

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