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Modal Dialogs - Working Group for Drupal 7

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starbow - Sat, 01/26/2008 - 6:36pm
Tao Starbow
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Abuse of popup windows by advertisers has put them high on most web users top annoyances list, up there with the blink tag and click-the-money-to-win banners. However, when used properly, modal dialogs can be a potent time saver and usability tool. I think their time has come. There are at least half a dozen contrib module that provide dialog building functionality, and and dozens of modules that use them or implement their own. So let’s dialog about dialogs.

design and user experience


  • Look at some of the general arguments for and against the modal dialog as a concept.
  • Examine some use cases and best practices.
  • Discuse some specific implementations.
  • Go over the steps necessary to get a Dialogs API into Drupal 7

I hope to catalyze the conversation that will lead to agreement on how best to integrate the use of modal dialogs (and popup dialogs in general) into Drupal.

You can check out my current work on using modal dialogs to improve Drupal administration in Drupal 6:

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