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SimpleTest and its future with Drupal

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Rok Zlender - Mon, 01/28/2008 - 6:56am
Rok Zlender
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Session Description: 

I imagine this to be a discussion about SimpleTest in Drupal and how we can make our life easier with it. This is not intended to be a SimpleTest workshop but rather suggestion gathering from people that use or intend to use SimpleTest.

* SimpleTest usability
* helper functions which would be interesting to have
* documentation what do we have, what do we need
* speed issues or why is this so slow
* other

At the end of this session I would like for all participants to have a good idea what is SimpleTest lacking and how can they help.

Participants should have some knowledge about SimpleTest. But even beginners can join as they usually have better suggestions what can be improved for easier use.

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