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Site Recipe: Tracking Event Results With CCK and Views

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KarenS - Tue, 01/22/2008 - 7:25am
Karen Stevenson
site building
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Proceedings Have Been Posted
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We’ll create a site that creates team events and displays the results in various ways, using CCK and Views, similar to the tournament site at

The example is a fishing tournament where we record results for each individual tournament, and also keep cumulative results for each team for all events they participate in. This will illustrate some flexible ways to use CCK and Views that could be adapted to any situation where you need to link together people, events, and results.

We’ll create several content types and link them together with nodereference fields, then build calendar views of the tournaments, views that show the cumulative team standings for the year, and views that show detailed results both by tournament and by team. We’ll make the detailed results available both in a tabbed stand-alone view and embedded in the relevant event and team nodes.

This site recipe uses the D5 versions of the following modules:
* Views
* Date
* Calendar
* Computed Field
* Views Calc
* Auto Node Title
* Token
* Flickr and Flickrfield

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03/06/2008 - 1:30pm - 03/06/2008 - 2:15pm
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