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Theming with Adobe Dreamweaver

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ccharlton - Fri, 01/25/2008 - 1:20am
Chris Charlton
design and user experience
Session Description: 

A lecture-style session showing the various techniques of properly using Adobe Dreamweaver (8 or higher) to produce valid XHTML/CSS/JavaScript/PHP code for your themes (styles and templates). This session is instructed by a Dreamweaver master, co-author of the book AdvancED Flex Applications: Building the Rich Media X (Flex/Flash + Drupal), Chris Charlton, so feel free to pick his brain during and after the session.

design and user experience
site building

* 3 ways to write and edit CSS within Dreamweaver (hand coding and no coding at all)
* Limits of theming Drupal in Dreamweaver
* Edit CSS locally if your site is only online
* Design-time CSS (Cascade Style Sheets)
* Balancing braces and “How not to get lost in your template (tpl.php) files”
* Intro to the jQuery API extension for Dreamweaver
* Productivity tips with Firebug and Devel (Theme Module)
* Q & A
* Special announcement

Some people don’t use Dreamweaver to its full potential. Dreamweaver helps produce valid markup (XHTML/XML/XSLT), interactivity (JS), styling (CSS), and server-side code (PHP). Drupal themes that use the standard PHPTemplate engine rely on a mix of XHTML, PHP, and CSS being merged to form your Drupal site and you want this to look the best it can. It’s time to take out the guess work and really use our tools.

This session does not cover the basics of theming Drupal. Attendees should have the basic knowledge of installing a theme and be familiar with XHTML, CSS, and PHP basics. The more you use or want to use Dreamweaver, the more you’ll get out of this session. We will not cover Spry or any other area of Dreamweaver not relating to Drupal or Drupal theming. Dreamweaver is the most popular WYSIWYG tool for web development and design.

  • CONFERENCE ORGANIZERS: I am only available to speak on Monday and Tuesday *
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