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Theming for Advanced Mobile Devices

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mbutcher - Fri, 01/25/2008 - 7:35pm
Matt Butcher
design and user experience
Session Description: 

Mobile devices include increasingly sophisticated web browsing technologies. In this session, Matt Butcher will discuss developing Drupal themes targeted toward these devices, demonstrating some working themes. The demonstrated theme will be targeted toward the Apple iPhone/iPod Touch devices, though the principles and techniques discussed will apply to other advanced mobile devices, as well. The last portion of the session will be an open discussion intended to discuss mobile development on other platforms. You are invited to bring your own projects and devices for this discussion.

Update: This panel was originally focused only on iPhone/iPod, but I’m trying to expand it.

Design and User Experience.

* A quick introduction to advanced mobile web browsers
* Extending from an existing theme in Drupal 6
* Main layout of an iPhone/iPod-friendly site.
* Blocks and Nodes in small spaces
* Javascript and CSS considerations for iPhone/iPod and other embedded devices
* Using some extra modules to get additional functionality
* Discussion on using similar strategies for other mobile devices

The goal of this session is to introduce and illustrate mobile themes to Drupal 6 themers and developers. By the end of the session, attendees should understand the unique design considerations for targeting such platforms, and also be equipped with the practical tools necessary to implement themes on their own. I will be showing themes on an iPod touch, but at the end, we will (collectively) discuss theming for a broader range of mobile devices.

It is assumed that attendees have a basic knowledge of theming in Drupal 6. The focus will be primarily on PHPTemplates, HTML, and CSS. Minor Javascript and PHP may be discussed as well, but will not be central.

Packt Publishing ( will be publishing Matt’s presentation in article form soon after Matt gives the presentation.

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