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Ubercart Table Talk

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rszrama - Sat, 02/09/2008 - 6:18pm
Ryan Szrama
Andy Lowe
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Session Description: 

This session will be about any aspect of the Ubercart project that folks are anxious to discuss or learn about. In all honesty, we’ll be happy to have multiple sessions if the demand/need arises. Anyone interested in the project’s history or future are welcome to stop in, and those with general development, collaboration, or use questions should come by with their questions and thoughts ready to go (and their pens ready to jot notes)!

Birds of a Feather

* Ubercart project history and future
* Implementing your own store
* Module capabilities, shortcomings, and plans
* Really, anything folks want to ask about Ubercart

We project that Ubercart will continue to grow as an e-commerce suite drawing many users from the Drupal community and many who have never even heard of Drupal. We’re seeing the firstfruits of this already, and it’s our goal to help as many users and developers as possible in the Drupal community get on board so they aren’t left behind! We’re also interested in hearing from folks how to improve the core modules as we brainstorm about future versions of Ubercart.

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