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Collections at the Art Institute of Chicago

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The world-renowned Museum at the Art Institute of Chicago contains more than 300,000 works of art in nearly every period, genre and region of the world.

The newly-launched Drupal-powered Collections section allows users to explore over 25,000 works from the Art Institute of Chicago’s permanent collection online. This online collection provides basic information about works of art representing all areas of the encyclopedic collection.

Users can take advantage of the My Collections feature to create their own online collections of their favorite artworks. These personal collections can be shared with friends, students or teachers via e-mail or as a link on the user’s Web site, blog or page on a social networking site.

The Drupal installation is integrated with the Museum’s design-time content management system, Collage, which controls all global theme elements for the site, as well as the Art Institute’s proprietary digital asset management system, which is the source of all the artwork content.

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